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Out of hours

What is an emergency? Will the issue wait until the office reopens?

If not and you have an issue which requires the emergency services, please dial 999. This includes fire, flooding, personal injury or a criminal incident.

For gas emergencies, call Transco on 0800 111 999

For power emergencies, call UK Power Network on 0800 316 3105

If you require an out of hours contractor, please use the following contact information but be aware that you will be liable for any charges should the issue not be deemed an emergency or a communal matter:

Fire alarm – call the service provider whose contact details are shown on or adjacent to the control panel

Plumbing & Heating – call Heatcraft on 01273 419005 or Peter Medhurst on 01273 509516

Drainage – call Aquatech on 07801 023201

Locksmith – call Thomas Locksmith on 01273 773006


Building Work - call Howard Building & Maintenance on 07860 578237