Planned maintenance & major works

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Planned maintenance & major works

Graves Son & Pilcher will look after your property, handling all routine maintenance and major works. Some works such as redecoration will be detailed in the lease, others such as roof or window replacements may be identified as part of a preventative plan, prepared by our surveyors. Careful financial planning ensures that the necessary reserve funds are available and leaseholders are not faced with unexpected or unreasonable demands.

Major works are typically overseen by our preferred partner, OA Building Surveyors. OA have extensive experience of working with Managing Agents, advising on the maintenance of residential blocks and delivering cost-effective solutions. They have a deep understanding of the particular issues that affect coastal properties due to the damage caused by wind and salt.

After an initial inspection, your appointed surveyor will prepare detailed specifications for any works required. In seeking competitive tenders, they will draw on a trusted network of contractors, confident that the works will be completed on time and on budget. They will personally supervise and sign off each project, ensuring that all legislative requirements are met, including health and safety.

OA Building Surveyors are full members of and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Find out more about OA Surveyors.

β€œIn 2019 we had to replace all of the fire curtains to conform with the building safety regulations. This was a major project which took months of planning and organising. If it were not for the expertise of our Property Manager, the works would have cost us twice the price.”
J Norledge, 19 Tichborne Street

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