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Assisting landowners with specialist Telecoms advice

A new Electronic Communications Code came into force in December 2017, granting new rights to telecoms operators such as BT, EE, O2 and Vodafone. The changes were made to help operators keep up with rapid advances in technology and to ensure provision of widespread network coverage.

The code is complex but essentially allows operators to install, upgrade and share the use of telecoms equipment on privately owned land. Landowners who are concerned with roof overloading, security issues, loss of control and lack of financial benefit should seek expert advice.

Graves Son & Pilcher have 18 years of telecoms experience. We regularly manage lease renewals, negotiate rent reviews, advise on site shares and deal with site upgrade requests. Our work primarily covers rooftop installations.

Mark Deacon, Head of our Professional & Valuation Consultancy, has worked on behalf of telecoms operators as well as landowners. His experience and understanding of operator needs are indispensable when securing the best possible deal for landowner clients. Graves Son & Pilcher use the services of John Goodacre of Hub Telecoms Consultancy in London when required and communicate effectively with all parties, including specialist telecoms solicitors. We protect landowner interests and negotiate to ensure that all professional costs are met by the telecoms operators.

Our services include:

  • Full site management
  • Supervision of contractors
  • Advice on the impact of the new code
  • Negotiating Heads of Terms
  • Lease renewal and rent reviews
  • Site and equipment audits
  • RF and Health & Safety audits
  • Analysis of surrounding network
  • Marketing of sites
  • Attendance at pre-start meetings
  • Dispute resolution
  • Checking method statements and risk assessments
  • Site access request management

Get in touch if you have been contacted by a telecoms operator about your land.

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