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Lease renewal & rent review negotiation

Whether a lease renewal or rent review, our Professional team can act on behalf of either the landlord or tenant. 

Our Chartered Surveyors are well versed in current legislation and case law (including the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954) and use this wealth of knowledge when advising clients.

Having been established since 1897, Graves Son & Pilcher have built a database of comparable evidence for all types of commercial property throughout Sussex. Our Professional team also work closely with our experienced in-house Commercial team to keep up to date with current market conditions.


As part of our service we can:

  • Review your current lease terms
  • Advise on relevant legislation in the case of renewing and serving notices
  • Advise on modernising a lease to reflect the current market including re-gearing to ensure your interest is protected
  • Negotiate with all parties to reach an agreeable outcome
  • If an agreement cannot be reached, advise whether it is prudent to take the matter to court, whereby we can prepare an expert report

Rent Review

As part of our service we can:

  • Analyse the rent review provisions contained within the lease, especially when time is of the essence
  • Research and review recent transactions, both on the open market and completed rent reviews / lease renewals
  • Compare our findings with your property’s current rental value
  • If acting for a landlord, endeavour to maximise the rental income and enhance the value of your investment; in the case of a tenant, we look to minimise any increase in rent
  • Carry out negotiations with the opposing side, our strategy being to avoid the review being referred to a third party
  • In the event of a third party referral, prepare the necessary papers for submission to support your case

Since lease renewal and rent review are specialist areas, we urge landlords and tenants to seek professional advice. Negotiations are usually complex, regardless of which party we represent. As RICS qualified Chartered Surveyors, we always put our clients’ interests first, protecting your asset and ensuring any new lease offers value, security and flexibility.

For landlord and tenant advice, contact us.

“Thanks for your open and honest advice for our current situation. I've certainly been impressed with Graves Son & Pilcher's approach to business and wouldn't hesitate to come back or recommend in the future.”
Simon Deighton (Managing Director, 11 St Josephs Close, Hove)

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